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Simple Ways to Treat Cold Sores on Lips

Cold sore on lips, also referred to as fever blisters, is caused by a Type 1 virus called Herpes Simplex. This transmittable disease can be acquired if you have direct contact with a person infected with it. This is the kind of virus that is inherent in the body system. It stays dormant in the system waiting to be activated by extreme exposure to harsh weather and by stress. This kind of cold sore usually occurs near the nose or mouth and lasts for about seven to fourteen days. Cold sore is a bacterial infectious mouth disease that can be determined when there are small, rounded and red halos on the mouth. Since this is a communicable disease, there is a great possibility that you can infect anyone who has direct contact with you. There are home remedies for cold sores that can cure this disease.

If you have observed the signs of cold sore such as itching lips or nose, it is time to seek for cold sore remedies. Other signs that you have this health malady are tiny blisters and uncontrollable teary eyes. Once you feel itchiness in your nostrils or eyes, you should avoid scratching it to prevent it from spreading to the other parts of your body or transmitting it to others. Here are the tips on how to get rid of a cold sore.

Evade from taking foods, which are rich in Arginine. Over production of this amino acid inside the body lowers the level of another amino acid, which is called Lysine. Once the level of Lysine in the body decreases, you will become more susceptible in acquiring sore colds. Lysine helps in strengthening the immune system and in antagonizing the factors that cause this uncomfortable disease. Foods that are rich in Arginine include nuts, gelatin, coconut, chocolate, raisins, whole grains, seaweeds, carob, watercress, lentils, spinach, and soybeans. These are the foods that you should not eat because this may cause the recurrence of sore colds. Foods that are safe for you to eat while you are on the treatment process are meats, grains, seeds, and dairy products.

Another cold sore treatment is avoiding humid or moist places. Once you begin experiencing itchiness in your mouth or nose, you have to apply ice on it immediately. This is a first aid treatment that will help you stop the tickling sensation. Make sure that when you are in a warm place, you are fully protected in order not to get infected with it. Make sure that you have extra clothes if in case your body gets wet from the sweat.

Avoid consuming acidic foods. This would just drop the level of PH balance and alkaline in the body and will help you become prone to cold. The level of this type of elements on the body should not drop below 7 or else, you can easily be infected by cold sore.

Always observe proper hygiene because this is very important in shielding your body.

These are the simple ways on how to treat cold sores on lips.

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