7 Hot Tollywood Bombshells You Can Drool Over

We have created several hot lists in the past including our famous list of 25 hottest Tennis player. Though we have taken a break since then, we are now back with a bang and will continue to provide some of the most wackiest and hottest lists of all time out here.

On our return back, we decided to come up with another hot list which will leave you drooling over. This time we pick up a topic that is native to South India in the form of their movie industry, famously known as Tollywood.

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Here is our top 5 list of the hottest Tollywood Actress that you can droll over.

#7 Deeksha Seth

Born on February 14, 1990, Deeksha Seth I an upcoming actress from Tollywood who has also been a finalist in the Femina Miss India competition in 1990. She made her acting debut in the Telegu drama movie called Vedan and has since gone on to act in 2 more movies.

deeksha2 deeksha16

deeksha15 deeksha2s

deeksha24 deeksha91

deeksha5 deeksha22

deeksha55 deeksha71

deeksha78 deeksha81

deeksha3 deeksha8

#6 Kausha Rach

Kausha was born in 1986 and has acted in several south Indian movies. Her debut was in the Telugu movie Premaya Namaha. She is also famous for her hot item numbers in movies.

kausha-0011 kausha-0012

kausha4 kausha7

kausha10 kausha14

kausha53 kausha59

kausha18 kausha23




kausha2 kausha-0006

kausha-0013 kausha-0005

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#5 Sunakshi

Sunakshi is another south actress with a voluptuous figure which you can droll over.

Sunakshi-hot-pics67 Sunakshi-hot-pics71

Sunakshi-hot-pics76 Sunakshi-hot-pics96

Sunakshi-hot-pics116 Sunakshi-hot-pics104

Sunakshi-spicy-stills6 sunakshi-2-152

Sunakshi080710_124 actress_sunakshi_hot_saree_naval_pics

Sunakshi-hot-exposing-stills-1 sunakshi-stills041

Sunakshi Saree Sunakshi-hot-Nishabda-Viplavam-Telugu-movie-bevapphaSanam-1

sunakshi1 Sunakshi-Spicy-Nishabda-Viplavam-Movie-Stills

#3 Aksha

Aksha is another hot actress who is from the Tollywood industry. Though she does not expose much, she has one hell of a body. Check out some hot pictures of Aksha who has a great set of legs mind you.

Aksha actress photos _20_ Aksha actress photos _30_

Aksha actress photos _31__001 Aksha actress photos _32__001

Aksha actress photos _37_ Aksha actress photos _39_

Aksha actress photos _72_ Aksha actress photos _74_

aksha7 aksha9

aksha1168 Aksha-stills49

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#3 Aarti Chabbria

Aarti Chabbria was born on November 21, 1982 and has acted in several Bollywood, Telugu and Kannada movies. She is also a former model who has seen great success and has a pair of fabulous legs. Here are some hot pictures of our number 4 Aarti Chabbria.

Aarti Chabria_231

aarthichabriya6 aarthichabriya7

aarthichabriya11 aarthi-chabria-42

Aarti Chabria 01 Aarti Chhabria (5)


#2 Namitha

When we talk about South, Hot, Voluptuous, Sexy in one sentence, we can’t help but think about Namitha. She has all these qualities and more and has been one of the biggest sex sirens of the Tollywood industries.

She has never been Coy about revealing her voluptuous figure and we have never been shy about drooling over it. You can just feast your eyes and droll all over this hot babe from the Tollywood industry who is number two on our Top 7 Tollywood Bombshells list.

namita03 namita06

namita10 namita15

namita11 namita12

hot-namitha-jpg Namitha Crazy Hot Photos

namita67 namita68

namita26 namita28

Namitha_-2 namitha-3



namitha_151_620200923029321 Namitha21 namitha2586734596

#1 Anuskha Shetty

Anuskha Shetty was born Sweety Shetty on November 7, 1981. She changed her name to Anuskha from Sweety while she was getting into movies. She has extensively worked in the Tamil and Telugu movie industry and is the hottest actress in Tollywood according to our hot meter. Here are some hot pictures of this voluptuous babe.

anushka35 anushka36 anushka40

anushka42 anushka44 anushka45

anushka45 anushka61 anushka69

6d9927c3e8ages-7.jpg Anushka Hot Pics, Hottest Anushka Shetty Sexy Stills (7) Anushka-Shetty-Hot-Thigh-and-Navel-Show

Anushka Shetty-06





Are you drooling yet? Do you think these Tollywood actress are hot? If not, don’t forget to give us a lowdown on who you think is the hottest Tollywood actress.

We will be coming up with some really hot, spicy, wacky and irresistible lists more frequently from now on. Stay tuned and have fun. Things can only get hotter and wackier from here on.

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