25 Hot Tennis Chicks You Can Drool Over

Tennis world probably has the most glamorous women you could ever find in a sport and there are tons of women players who are not only good at playing tennis, but are also pretty hot to watch.

So who are the top 25 hottest legged lasses in the tennis world? Take a look at them and figure out for yourself. The stars are listed in no particular order.

#25 Elena Dementieva

Russians have set the tennis scene ablaze with their beauties and Elena Dementieva is definitely one hot lass. Elena was born October 15, 1981 in Moscow, Russia and is ranked #4 in the current WTA standings. She has a impressive win-loss record of 480-237 and has 11 WTA and 3 ITF titles under her belt since she began playing.

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#24 Tatiana Golovin

Tatiana Golovin born January 25, 1988 is a French professional of Russian descent.  She has been ranked as high as no 12 in the WTA tour. She has a decent win-loss record of 164-90 and has 2 career titles under her belt.

tatiana-golovin-2  tatiana-golovin-1 tatiana-golovin-6

Tatiana Golovin tatiana-golovin-5  tatiana-golovin-3

#23 Tamira Paszek

Tamira Shelah Paszek born December 6, 1990 in Austria is a professional tennis player from Austria. As of September 13, 2008, she is the second ranked tennis player from Austria in the WTA ranking, at No. 85. She has a win-loss record of 82-46 and has won 1 WTA and 1 ATF titles.

tamira-paszek-2 tamira-paszek-1  tamira-paszek-3

tamira-paszek-7  tamira-paszek-5 tamira-paszek-6

#22 Sania Mirza

This hot Indian beauty was born November 15, 1986 and has been the top women tennis player in India. She has achieved a highest ranking of 18 on the WTA circuit. Has a decent win-loss record of 188-92 winning 1 career titles.


sania-mirza-4 sania-mirza-5 sania-mirza-6

#21 Marta Domachowska

Marta Domachowska born January 16, 1986 is a Polish professional tennis player. She began playing at age 7. She has a win-loss record of 201-136 and has won 6 ITF titles.

marta-domachowska-6 marta-domachowska-1 marta-domachowska-2

marta-domachowska-3 marta-domachowska-5 marta-domachowska-4

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