15 Weirdest Fear Factor Dares

Fear Factor is a popular program initially run on the AXN networks and currently running on NBC, where contestants had to compete against each other in several rounds of dares. The ultimate winner gets a prize money of $50000, but to win the contest contestants have to do a lot of weird things, including eating worms, cow brains, cutting their hair and things that normal human beings wouldn’t risk doing.

So what are the 15 most weirdest dares ever done on Fear Factor? Read on to know more about them and watch the videos to know the experiences of the contestants.

Warning: Don’t watch the videos if you have a weak stomach :-)

#15 – Trapped With Hungry Rats

One of the weird dares in Fear Factor involved locking the contestants in a container with just the head being exposed. The organizers would then put hungry rodents and insects in the container that supported the head. Watch a harrowing experience of a girl whose ear got bit off while doing the dare.

#14 – Mouse Trap and Cockroach Bonus

In this dare, contestants are asked to walk across the room laid out with mouse traps, though the catch is that, they don’t have to avoid the traps, they have to release all of the mouse traps, before they reach their final destination, a meal involving a cockroach.


#13 – Camel Spider Eating Contest

In this episode contestants are dared to eat live camel spiders, looking at the reaction of the contestant we definitely think that the taste sucks.


#12 – Eating Earthworms

In this youth episode of Fear factor, youths are dared to eat some live earthworms. Definitely would be a itchy feeling eating all those crawly creatures.


#11 – Eating Bugs

The Fear Factor guys definitely love their bugs, in this episode contestants are asked to eat bugs which are crawly and struggling to get out of the contestants hands.


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