15 Sexiest AXE Commercials

AXE commercials are definitely hot and they do have a knack of creativeness, and we must tell you that their products are good enough to use too, however we have not been as lucky as the dudes in the ads, who have been able to attract women in droves.

Here are some of the sexiest commercials featuring the AXE Effect.

#15 – Set in a Indonesian eatery, in this AXE commercial the waitress definitely knows how to squeeze the sauce. Definitely worth a watch.

#14 – A hot AXE shower gel commercial, where the man has the perfect shower, definitely would want to switch places with him.


#13 – A hot Polish AXE effect commercial, where airhostesses are shown drooling over men who use the AXE spray.


#12 – AXE click commercial where the guy clicks each time a girl drools over him, the Gangsta of Rock song in the background makes the commercial even better.


#11 – A hot commercial from Paris promoting the “Bom Chicka Wah Wah” fragrance, the chick dresses up to meet the guy, but falls for the waiter instead who is wearing the AXE fragrance.



#10 – In this commercial a young boy sprays AXE himself and sets out on a mission where he click counts each time a chick stops and notices the AXE effect.


#9 – A really hot commercial where a guy has a X-Ray vision, and sees girls wearing just the bare necessities. This commercial is to promote the smaller AXE bullet spray.


#8 – The commercial is set in a park where a guy is selling ice-cream to kids, all of a sudden a women calls out for sunblock, making our guy drop everything and reach out to the lady’s call.


#7 – A commercial featuring the AXE underwear, which is built to stretch, and it does stretch a long way.


#6 – Another sexy AXE shower gel commercial, where a guy and a girl are rolling in the muck, the tagline of the commercial is how Dirty boys get clean.



#5 A commercial featuring the AXE training camp where boys are taught to be men :-) .


#4 – A commercial featuring the AXE hot school, the language is Spanish but the commercial is too hot to handle.


#3 – A commercial featuring the AXE shower gel being used by a guy, the floor gives away and the man lands into a dancing class, and boy does he know he moves.


#2 – This AXE commercial is set in a jungle, where a bikini clad women is shown running to a unknown destination, out of the blue several more women appear to meet the dude who is using the AXE spray.


#1 – One of the hottest commercials to promote AXE Touch, everything that the guy touches happens in real to a girl (and to a man too), really really hot commercial.


#Bonus Commercial Video – Here is a bonus video that clubs in several AXE commercials into a single video.

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