15 Sexiest AXE Commercials

AXE commercials are definitely hot and they do have a knack of creativeness, and we must tell you that their products are good enough to use too, however we have not been as lucky as the dudes in the ads, who have been able to attract women in droves.

Here are some of the sexiest commercials featuring the AXE Effect.

#15 – Set in a Indonesian eatery, in this AXE commercial the waitress definitely knows how to squeeze the sauce. Definitely worth a watch.

#14 – A hot AXE shower gel commercial, where the man has the perfect shower, definitely would want to switch places with him.


#13 – A hot Polish AXE effect commercial, where airhostesses are shown drooling over men who use the AXE spray.


#12 – AXE click commercial where the guy clicks each time a girl drools over him, the Gangsta of Rock song in the background makes the commercial even better.


#11 – A hot commercial from Paris promoting the “Bom Chicka Wah Wah” fragrance, the chick dresses up to meet the guy, but falls for the waiter instead who is wearing the AXE fragrance.


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