15 Amazing Pool Trick Shots Videos

Pool is game enjoyed by millions of people worldwide and it is definitely not limited to a bar game, pool also has a presence online and has professional tournaments where some of the best in the world compete for the championship. The best part about pool though is the trick shots which include shots that are not usually seen in a regular pool game, in-fact there are some serious competitions for pool trick shots itself.

Trick shots are a treat to watch and they are definitely quite amazing, here are some of the most amazing pool trick shots videos you will ever see.

#15 – This guy looks like a expert at curling balls, in this video he demonstrates several tricks where he curls the ball to pocket them, quit amazing.


#14 – A amateur pool player with a array of trick shots, this self shot video definitely shows the talent of this guy.


#13 – Another good pool trickshot where the guy hits the ball placed on several pool sticks, the ball rolls over the sticks and finally gets on the table, knocking several balls which finally pot the trick ball.


#12 – A nice compilation of pool trick shots by a amateur guy, this video is self-shot and the guy is definitely on his way to be a pro someday.


#11 – A awesome collection of trick shots performed by Mark Shepherd on an English pool table.


#10 – Some nice pool trick shots by a UK tour player Jon Davies, this guy definitely has a good array of trick shots to show off.


#9 – Another amateur player showing off his trick shot skills in a self shot videos, there are some really nice trick shots here.


# 8 – A compilation of nice trick shots where the guys pockets all the balls and still manages to keep the white ball steady, there are some other tricks which will amaze you too.


#7 – A nice collection of trick shots which feature a girl as a barrier for the guy to pocket balls, amazing how he can get the ball past her so easily.


#6 – A compilation of amazing pool trick shots by professional players, definitely worth a watch to see how the pros go around doing their business.


#5 – A amazing pool trick shot with a combination of 45 pool balls, the guy hits once ball which then triggers all the balls placed on dominoes to fall and pocket the trick ball.


#4 – A amazing array of trick shots by a Asian player, the trick shots are definitely too good to watch.


#3 – A amazing 2 table trickshot, this guy definitely has talent, the trickshot was also featured in Ripley’s Believe it or not.


#2 – This is another self-shot compilation of several pool shots by a single guy, there are tons of good trick shots and most of them are really very good.


#1 – This is by far the most amazing pool trick shot we have ever seen, the guy hits just one ball, which then trips over several dominoes and pockets all the balls on the current table, it then makes its way to several more tables to pocket all the balls on them, by far one of the best pool trick shots you will ever witness.

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