7 Hot Tollywood Bombshells You Can Drool Over

We have created several hot lists in the past including our famous list of 25 hottest Tennis player. Though we have taken a break since then, we are now back with a bang and will continue to provide some of the most wackiest and hottest lists of all time out here.

On our return back, we decided to come up with another hot list which will leave you drooling over. This time we pick up a topic that is native to South India in the form of their movie industry, famously known as Tollywood.

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Here is our top 5 list of the hottest Tollywood Actress that you can droll over.

#7 Deeksha Seth

Born on February 14, 1990, Deeksha Seth I an upcoming actress from Tollywood who has also been a finalist in the Femina Miss India competition in 1990. She made her acting debut in the Telegu drama movie called Vedan and has since gone on to act in 2 more movies.

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9 Marriage Proposals Gone Awfully Wrong [Videos]

Proposing for marriage is probably the most difficult thing to do on this earth, and there are quite a few innovative ways to propose marriage to your loved ones.

But do those always work? We don’t think so, here are 10 marriage proposal videos that went wrong, poor guys there is nothing we could do about it.

#9 – Balloon Marriage Proposal Fail

Poor guy ties the ring to a balloon and off it, while proposing the balloon just flies away to bliss. Poor guy.

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30 Awesome High Quality Christmas Wallpapers For Your Desktop

It’s been a long while since we did our last post here at Damn Good Lists, but we are all anticipating the Christmas season to come in and have been busy with work and other things that kept us away. However, we all know that people are looking forward to this wonderful time in the year, and would love to decorate their desktops to match the season.

So here are 30 awesome and high quality Christmas Wallpapers you can download and use on your desktop, don’t forget to tell us which one you choose for yourself :) . Click on the wallpapers to download them.

Merry_Christmas_by_dimant Christmas_Wallpaper_by_baikolio

Christmas_Wallpaper_II_by_Adamoos Merry_Christmas_2007_by_Shane66

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20 Innovative Ways To Open A Beer Bottle

All the beer guzzlers please put your hands up :-) . Jokes apart beer is one of the most popular alcoholic beverage around the world and there are tons of types of beer flavors you can get your hands on. Our favorite out here is Corona.

By the way, did you think that you could open beer bottles only using openers? If you thought that, you are totally wrong, here are 20 different and innovative videos to show you how to open beer bottles. So the next time you are stuck with no opener, try one of these tricks and you can start guzzling those beers in a jiffy.

#20 – How To Open A Beer Bottle With Your Teeth

Probably one of the most oldest tricks in the book for opening a beer bottle, here is a informational videos for opening a beer bottle with your teeth.

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15 Amazing Pool Trick Shots Videos

Pool is game enjoyed by millions of people worldwide and it is definitely not limited to a bar game, pool also has a presence online and has professional tournaments where some of the best in the world compete for the championship. The best part about pool though is the trick shots which include shots that are not usually seen in a regular pool game, in-fact there are some serious competitions for pool trick shots itself.

Trick shots are a treat to watch and they are definitely quite amazing, here are some of the most amazing pool trick shots videos you will ever see.

#15 – This guy looks like a expert at curling balls, in this video he demonstrates several tricks where he curls the ball to pocket them, quit amazing.


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15 Sexiest AXE Commercials

AXE commercials are definitely hot and they do have a knack of creativeness, and we must tell you that their products are good enough to use too, however we have not been as lucky as the dudes in the ads, who have been able to attract women in droves.

Here are some of the sexiest commercials featuring the AXE Effect.

#15 – Set in a Indonesian eatery, in this AXE commercial the waitress definitely knows how to squeeze the sauce. Definitely worth a watch.

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15 Weirdest Fear Factor Dares

Fear Factor is a popular program initially run on the AXN networks and currently running on NBC, where contestants had to compete against each other in several rounds of dares. The ultimate winner gets a prize money of $50000, but to win the contest contestants have to do a lot of weird things, including eating worms, cow brains, cutting their hair and things that normal human beings wouldn’t risk doing.

So what are the 15 most weirdest dares ever done on Fear Factor? Read on to know more about them and watch the videos to know the experiences of the contestants.

Warning: Don’t watch the videos if you have a weak stomach :-)

#15 – Trapped With Hungry Rats

One of the weird dares in Fear Factor involved locking the contestants in a container with just the head being exposed. The organizers would then put hungry rodents and insects in the container that supported the head. Watch a harrowing experience of a girl whose ear got bit off while doing the dare.

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25 Hot Tennis Chicks You Can Drool Over

Tennis world probably has the most glamorous women you could ever find in a sport and there are tons of women players who are not only good at playing tennis, but are also pretty hot to watch.

So who are the top 25 hottest legged lasses in the tennis world? Take a look at them and figure out for yourself. The stars are listed in no particular order.

#25 Elena Dementieva

Russians have set the tennis scene ablaze with their beauties and Elena Dementieva is definitely one hot lass. Elena was born October 15, 1981 in Moscow, Russia and is ranked #4 in the current WTA standings. She has a impressive win-loss record of 480-237 and has 11 WTA and 3 ITF titles under her belt since she began playing.

elena-dementievaelena-dementieva-2 elena-dementieva-3

elena-dementieva-4 elena-dementieva-5 elena-dementieva-6
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